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Many people work extremely hard at keeping the inside of their home neat and clean, we find it to be no surprise that many of the same people keep the outside of their home equally maintained. As you drive throughout any neighborhood, take a look at the appearance of each home. What do you see? Typically, a great looking clean home. But, sometimes you will see roof stains that have taken over and caused complete discoloration. You may see rust stains on walls and sidewalks. Driveways and sidewalks are sometimes dark and dingy, covered over by layers of dirt, grease, and grime that build up over years of use. Gutters can be full of debris, preventing the water from moving through and fulfilling their very purpose for being there. Dirt daubers, cob webs, signs of wildlife, mold and mildew streaks, and many other stains can cover the exterior of the home. Sometimes we may not visually notice how slowly and subtly things get dirty on the outside or maybe life is just too busy. But please do not assume that getting the outside of your home cleaned is not affordable as we at T&B, a professional power washing company, can assure you we are affordable.

T&B Cleaning would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide a free, written estimate for power washing the outside of your home so that you can see for yourself how affordable this service can be. We recommend scheduling regular cleanings on an annual or bi-annual basis, and always stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are several advantages that come with keeping the exterior of your home cleaned on a regular basis, and they actually justify the cost! First, you will save thousands of dollars in premature roof replacement and the need for re-painting. Second, this will improve the value of your property, and if all of your neighbors do the same, everyone wins! Thirdly, there are repairs that will be delayed or avoided altogether for things such as awnings and soffits, screen porch areas, decks and pavers. Finally, and most importantly, we understand that the result of our services means taking greater pride in your home and a deeper appreciation for your investment every time you arrive at home!




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