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It’s so easy to clean the lint filter on your dryer, isn’t it? You just pull that screen filter right out by the handle, and gather up the dust and lint, which is pretty simple because it sticks to itself. You really should make sure it is done every two to three loads to keep your dryer working efficiently, keep your energy bills lower, and prevent the possibility of a fire. But what about the tiny lint particles that the filter didn’t catch? Have you ever considered cleaning out the vent system in the dryer, from the lint filter to the outtake? And what about all that foil piping that runs from the dryer to the outside of the house, either through the ceiling to the roof or to the side of the house? Have you ever considered cleaning that out as well? Sure, you clean the lint filter every two loads! Everyone does that! But wouldn’t it make sense to make sure the entire system is cleaned periodically? And by cleaning the entire system, not just the filter, would that not also help keep the dryer working efficiently, keep energy bills lower, and prevent even more so the possibility of fire? In fact, the National Fire Protection Association lists this as fourth on a list of eight of the most common causes of house fires in the U.S.

T&B Cleaning provides great peace of mind with our complete dry vent cleaning service for homes, condos, villas, and apartments. In addition to preventing fire, this important service will also reduce the temperature in the laundry area and lower the workload of your air conditioner, further lowering energy bills. It also extends the life cycle of the dryer itself, improves the quality of your clothes by needing less drying time, and prevents the buildup of moisture causing unseen mold as well as carbon monoxide poisoning. We can assure you that you the money you invest in dry vent cleaning will be more than saved in the ways explained above. Let T&B Cleaning provide a free, written estimate for this unique but vital service in the Greencastle PA, Chambersburg PA, or Hagerstown MD area. 




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